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Your community is your biggest opportunity to differenciate yourself and create a strong brand. Turn your residents into your best ambassadors, and offer them a seamless experience by optimising your processes.

Automate your room allocation


An automated and customised tool
to allocate residents in your building, based on their compatibility and on your goals.

Our algorithm has already proven successful with Whoomies App.

Create a thriving community with the help of technology


Foster interactions and a sense of belonging to your community with digital solutions suited to your needs and to your residence.

Our digital and community experts assist you through this process.

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Enhance the attractivity of your building projects with our double expertise: real estate and community.

We help you to structure your project, to differenciate yourself from competition and to make innovative choices.

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We want to know more about your residence. Schedule a meeting with our experts in shared housing to understand how we can help you increase your residents' satisfaction.

Our solution has been selected by Flatmates : the biggest coliving residence in the world for entrepreneurs, created by Station F.

Cardinal Campus offers student residents in the biggest french cities such as Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Grenoble or Toulon.

We assist the Paris Dauphine University in the automation of the room allocation of its new student residence in Saint-Oen.


How to improve the experience of your residents?

Our shared housing and community management experts share their advices on how to reinvent the housing experience in your residence. Your community is your main strength for differenciation, and also a great marketing asset.

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