The 8 worst kinds of flatmate

By the time you’re in your mid-twenties, chances are you’ve already lived with a number of different people, some good, some bad. When it comes to sharing your living space with other people, especially strangers or people you don’t know very well, things always get a little difficult as you come to realise each other’s annoying habits. However, outside of little irritations or niggles you get with most people, there is also a possibility that you’ll find yourself living with someone who is seriously messed up. Here are 8 of the worst kinds of flatmates to keep an eye out for:

Feb 12, 2020

The lazy one

You know the one who you’ve never seen wash a dish the entire time you’ve lived together, who mysteriously disappears when you clean the flat, who litters the flat with their belongings. Living with someone who is lazy and refuses to help out can be extremely annoying as you either have to bear the brunt of the work and clean up after them like you’re their mum or live in a hovel as you refuse to do this on principle. Either way, it’s not a fun situation to be in.

The bathroom hogger

Good luck trying to get anywhere on time when you live with a bathroom hogger. These pesky flatmates seem to have a knack for guessing exactly when you’re going to want to use the bathroom, slipping in a minute before you, and staying put for the next 45. You might as well resign yourself to either being late for a year or arriving with smelly armpits and bad breath.  

The ‘borrower’

Whether it’s food, toilet paper, toiletries, clothes or something else, the ‘borrower’ will use your things, supposedly with every intention of paying you back or replacing the item they’ve used. It will soon become clear that this will never happen. Short of keeping all of your belongings locked up in your room, this is a tough one to deal with!

The stingy one

Stingy flatmates are one of the worst types of flatmates. You cooked (and bought) dinner for the whole flat without asking for cash? That doesn’t mean anything to them -  as soon as their turn comes around, you’ll be expected to pay up, and quickly. You’ll never seen a dime for the times you’ve bought flat cleaning products/loo paper/food etc. but as soon as they do, you’ll receive a bill.

The kill-joy

The kill-joy will find every opportunity to ruin any flat activities you might be planning, whether it’s having people over for dinner, throwing a party, planning a flat brunch – they’ll always find a problem and a reason not to do it. Happier to never have any fun, you’ll be fighting a constant battle trying to get this one to let you throw any social events.

The neat freak

The stark opposite to the lazy one, the neat freak is utterly obsessed with keeping the flat as clean as possible - all the time. Leave a dirty dish at the sink for 30 seconds while you do something else? Not okay.

Manically washing up and cleaning up after guests during a dinner party, the neat freak will never just relax and leave the cleaning until later. With worse flatmates to have, it’s still super annoying having to clean the bathroom twice a day.  

The passive aggressive one

The passive aggressive flatmate will refuse to act like an adult and bring up any issues they have with you to your face. Instead, you can expect to find yellow sticky notes reminding you not to touch their milk or clean up the dirty dishes. While you might be in the same room for hours, you’ll get a text the minute you leave the flat to call you out on something.

The non-existent one

A total myth, this flatmate’s existence is only detectable by the sound of doors closing late at night and slowly declining levels of cereal. Whether they’re constantly locked up in their room, or never at home, you wouldn’t know you even had a flatmate.  

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