How to choose the right tenants for your home

Renting your property to make it profitable is good. Finding reliable and serious tenants in order to maximize your chances of renting your property without unpaid debts is better! Here are our best advices to choose the right tenants for your apartment.

Feb 14, 2020

First of all, a rental file, what is it?

The rental file must allow you to assess the solvency, the guarantees provided and the regularity of the applicant's income.
Be careful, the law sets out very precisely what you can and cannot ask for. Thus, any file may include copies of:

- Proof of identity (identity card, passport, driving licence or residence permit);

- The employment contract;

- The last three pay slips;

- The last tax notice;

- A proof of residence (EDF invoice, rent receipt, etc.).

Any request for a document not included in this list is unlawful, as is the requirement for a cheque for the reservation of accommodation.
Only the signature of the lease binds the parties. There can therefore be no financial transaction upstream.

Choose a solvent tenant

It's a secret that's not really a secret, but it's always a good idea to insist on the creditworthiness of the tenant to whom you entrust your property. Do not hesitate to ask the right questions, and especially to ask for the right documents. First, ask to be able to take a look at the latest pay slips, the employment contract and the latest tax notice. As the ideal candidate remains rare, do not hesitate to ask people who do not meet all the criteria you ask for, to have a guarantor, a person who will act as a joint guarantor in case of problems with the payment of rents by the tenant.

Our advice: When you receive the candidate and prepare the file, always ask to be able to take a look at the original documents. It is not uncommon to see candidates falsifying some of them, so it is imperative that you can compare the copies that the candidate has given you with the originals.

Favour permanent contract candidates and students

Although civil servants over 30 years of age represent the most interesting profiles for landlords, they will certainly not be the only ones to apply for the rental of your property, and other profiles are interesting. The longevity of the permanent contract is an undeniable criterion of trust for a landlord, because the tenant has a better chance of honoring his rents.

But the students are not to be outdone. Indeed, although they are not the wealthiest candidates, they are always backed by their parents who are generally very scrupulous about the payment of rents. In addition, a large proportion of students receive the housing allowance, which also secures all or part of the rent.

Hedging against unpaid bills

There are also guarantees provided by organisations according to the tenant's profile: the "Key" for students who do not have a guarantor, for employees and young people, or the Fastt PLUS Pack, LocService's partner, for temporary workers. These guarantees thus allow "precarious" tenants to have a much more reassuring record for the landlord.

The landlord can also simply subscribe to one that exempts the tenant from having to present a guarantor (subject to eligibility). Be careful also with the tenant's means of payment: if he insists on paying the deposit and rents in cash or via cheques that are not in his name, this may be a sign of financial difficulties of the banned bank type.

The importance of feeling when choosing your tenant

Beyond the figures and the file presented by the tenant, it is important for a landlord to meet the person who could occupy his dwelling for several months or even several years. Know this, a face-to-face meeting in the real world is the best way to feel (or not) an emerging connection with candidates, and to choose your tenant well. Make sure you are interested in the project of the person who wants to rent your property by asking several questions: is it a transition or a long-term installation? What are the personal motivations for seeking your accommodation? What is the lifestyle of the potential tenant?

Carefully observe the tenant's behavior (tone of voice, body language, etc.) and listen to the questions he or she asks about your home, to see if you are on the same page and if your priorities are the same. Indeed, you will regularly deal with your tenant. So, you might as well select a person with whom a feeling exists!

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