Baby-sitter, the perfect student job!

Do you like taking care of children? Do you have a good level in English? You could become a babysitter or a language teacher! As a student, you will be able to benefit from a lot of advantages, to face (expensive) life in France.

Mar 8, 2021

Advantages of being a student in France

Be aware that being a student in France offers you several advantages:

- Holidays: free time to enjoy and carry out your activities,

- A good salary if you get a student job,

- Several aids (CAF for accommodation, imagine R card for transport, etc.) as well as discounts (cinema space, fast food, etc.),

- You can connect with people through and events.

Find your student job with Mômji

If you become a babysitter or language teacher, you will develop several skills!

Creativity, patience (yes, very important!), your ability to solve everyday issues, communication, your sense of organization and sens of responsibilities. Working as a babysitter is not just watching children:  you help them to become young adults, making them learning new knowledge while having fun!

If you choose to become a language teacher, this will be an opportunity to share your culture of origin with your students, and pass on knowledge that will help them both in their personal and professional lives. On your side, you will become more rigorous and pedagogue. This course will help you to better understand your interlocutors in your future working life.

What are the advantages of working for Mômji?

Workshops to help you on a daily basis

Being part of the Mômji is also an opportunity to come together in a more studious way, to participate to workshops in English on the themes of babysitting, teaching, pedagogy. The English speakers will give you a whole range of advice and ideas for games and activities to practice with children. And the meal is offered!

Student evenings to meet an international community

Every month, Mômji organizes evenings reserved for all employees. Take advantage of the monthly Wine and Cheese evenings to meet other babysitters or language teachers.

Become friends with a French family

Over time, the French family you will work with will consider you as one of its members. You can take the opportunity to spend evenings or weekends with them, and thus discover great deals, wherever you are in France.

Many families have guest rooms for rent to students. A good way to immerse yourself in local life, practice your French and make new friends. Chat with them, learn how to prepare the most famous French dishes and find a home away from home.

Good plans if you choose to settle in France

Problems regarding administrative procedures? Looking for accommodation in Paris or a good French film with subtitles? Mômji has created partnerships with organizations or associations whose aim is to help young foreign students in France.

More information on their partners page.

Interested? They are just waiting for you! You can already apply via their online form.

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