A green flat share in 6 steps

Do you feel like a hero?! The Whoomies team offers you the opportunity to make your shared apartment more eco-friendly in six very simple steps. Are you up for it?!

Feb 12, 2020

Make your own household products

The first step towards a more eco-friendly roommate is to give up buying everything, and start making with your skillful little hands. Yes, believe me, you are perfectly capable of it! And if the challenge of surviving our planet is not enough, know that your homemade household products will be more effective and cheaper.

Quickly finish your Cilit Bang, this concentrate of harmful and polluting ingredients. Tomorrow, you will make your laundry from Marseille soap, your degreaser with clay and essential oils, and why not your disinfectant based on white vinegar?! We found this site that lists some recipes.

Reduce your waste

The second most effective way to reduce the ecological impact of your flat-share is to better manage your waste. Shall we make a bet? As a roommate, weigh your garbage can for six months, and try to reduce the weight of your monthly garbage by a third!

I give you five very simple tips to get there:

Put a "STOP ADVERTISING" on your mailbox to avoid throwing out unwanted newspapers every morning.

Opt for bulk shopping: it's only slightly more expensive, and all you have to do is get organized. Come with canvas bags and jars to buy your staple foods: pasta, rice, fruit, cookies and cereals. You can continue to go to the supermarket for the extras, but prefer your bulk store as much as possible.

Equip yourself with water bottles for the little thirsts outdoors rather than buying water bottles all the time. Buy second-hand, vide-dressing is ultra trendy in addition, for men and women. Replace the paper towel with washable and reusable microfibre cloths, and paper tissues with cloth tissues.

Sorting your waste

It is not enough to reduce waste, but it is also necessary to know how to treat the ones we have left on our hands. So sort your waste properly!

Opt for a lumber-composter

Let me tell you the story of "Prince Lombric and the Sleeping Beauty Bacteria"... Imagine, right next to you - in your house! - an earthworm shelter with a great mission: to get rid of your organic waste! Serious and applied, earthworms devour the remains of your small dishes, and transform them into useful elements for plants. This results in a black sand, with a good undergrowth smell. An ideal fertilizer!

Lombri-composters, friends of urbanites, will easily find their place in your shared apartment: not cumbersome, inexpensive (count 50€), and they will give you a real feeling of satisfaction on a daily basis.

Cultivate your small vegetable garden

Yes, even in a big city, you can grow a small vegetable garden if you have a balcony corner! Plant herbs, to avoid buying them in supermarkets, and why not some tomatoes or salads?!

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